What They Rockin- "Fall Jackets!" (Fab-Wayne-Kanye)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Loso..BROOOOK-LYNNNN!!!! Ralph Lauren "Rugby"- Hooded Varsity Leather Jacket $595
Air Jordan "Flint" XIII's $160- Available Now!
Loso "Killin Em!!"
Weezy F...
"Shades of Grey" (by Micah Cohen) Varsity Blazer $264
Kanye West- "Trench Coat" style!!
Yeezy preparing for the Macy's "Thanksgiving Day Parade".. Roberto Cavali- Trench Coat (with detachable hood)
He went with "Burberry" for the actual parade..
Burberry- Trench Coat
With winter on the way these are just a couple of flavors that we caught some of the most fashionable hip hop artist rocking this week.

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