Happy Born Day To My Big Bro - " Cali O "

Monday, February 28, 2011

Cali O chillin with model "Cuban Lust"
Cali O's "Kobe V" collection... VICIOUS!!
Air Jordan stash lookin FRESH!..
Calio O chillin with J West & The Game!
Only dude in the spot with that New Blue Yankee Hat!..
Today I want to send a birthday s/o to my big bro "Cali O" . Sometimes I feel like ," Damn...Why did this dude have to move to California??". But even at almost 3,000 Miles away you always here for me like you never left. I see that Cali has most definitely been good to you! & just think your best days are still ahead! (KickGame Tour Bus..rolling around LA! Yessirr). Toast to a true Boss my big bro Cali O.
P.S. " The Eagle is in the air & Fed-Ex should be stopping by today with a lil something I thought you should have. You already know how we do!".

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