KickGameDVD.COM " 2 Year Anniversary "

Sunday, March 13, 2011

KickGame /KickGame DVD Founder - "Mello"
Today makes 2 years since we dropped this very site that your tuned into...KICK-GAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!!. I want to thank each & everyone of you out there who have been riding with me over the past 2 years. I also want to Thank all the new viewers who come through for the daily Freshness.

I want to Thank my whole Family who always lets me know how much they Love what I'm doing. Especially my Mom & my aunt "Auntie Lorna" who are in lovely Trinidad right now (Shout Out 2 my cousin STYME & Everybody in TRINIDAD tuning into KickGameDVD.COM!).

Big S/O 2 all the dope people who I welcomed into "Team KickGame". OFF TOP "Shells" is one of the realest cats I ever met..( I got U my dude!). "Dcypol" - Time is priceless & you gave plenty of it (NYC Sneaker Culture is way different than Cali right?..).. "Ty-Money" aka "Lil Bro" -Getting ready for High School..It's On!! lol. "Million Dollah Rah" & "Marc Milli" (Queens) I Love the energy you two bring!.. "Jay-Rich" - The "Quiet Storm" it's only right, (Queens) stand up!... "Smooth C" (Bronx) I see you C!..aka Young "Tier 0". The Big Homie "Krash One" - I'm glad we got to link back up Boss! (You a MONSTER!). I could Never forget my dude "RCH89" who is holding us down in "Akron, Ohio".

To my team that been here all the usual suspects (Philly Keyz- SY-Cali O-Sport-Cottonman-Strategy-Dane Cody etc.) . I want to Thank ya'll for Everything, we make a lot of sacrifices to make this happen. However at the end we're always proud/happy with what we did.

I feel Extremely Blessed to have all of you (even You the viewer) in my life in one way or another. It's an incredible to know so many people believe in my dream. You ladies & gentlemen inspire me enormously & I promise to continue to bring you the most official everything on the race to "1 MILLION HITS".. Uno!


Swaggated Community said...

Happy 2Yr Bloggerversery!

mello said...

Good Lookin Boss!..U Already Know we "SWAGGATTED"

Krashone said...

Happy2nd blogy blogy my g!! Keep on bangin. We soon get up!

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