KickGameDVD.COM "2 Year Anniversary" - October 2010 "Sneaker Con"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Look at dude in the back stealing my pic!.. " I visioned this picture before I had Shells take it!"..
DJ Clark Kent
Mello & Mayor
The homies from "Supreme Structure"
Shells & Ray Figgs of "8 & 9 clothing"
We don't just come to show off our fresh!...or to just make money!..We come to spread LOVE to our beloved Sneaker Community..
KickGame Raffle!!

S/O 2 the lil homie who took home the grand prize (a Eric Koston skate deck & KickGame t-shirt)
I remember him looking at me & saying, "man I really wanted this skate deck!, when I woke up today I never imagined that I would actually be leaving Sneaker Con with it..". I told him this deck was meant for him to have.

This is what it's about for me!..Making someone else's day. Sneaker Con is always dope. I must say that we did raise the bar with our raffle, lets see how many people raffle away "skate decks" at Sneaker Con's from now on (it's all good.. Just imagine whats next).

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