Exclusive: "Mello and Fred The Godson"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Fred" is most definitely got Love for the Foamz! (If you listen to his rhymes you already knew that)..Peep the sweatshirt he was rockin in the "Headbanger" video..". He told me it was custom made by one of his peoples from the Bronx.

Life is crazy & you never know what the day has in store for you!. Yesterday started of as usual, "Cottonman" & I were running around the city handling business before the we headed to the "XXL Freshmen Concert". We were in the area so we decided to pass by the venue to pick up our tickets. As we got there I saw my dude "Big Bronx" aka "Fred The Godson" inside. Being the man that I am I suggested we go inside & introduce ourselves. He was just getting ready to do his mic check & run through his set for the show.

One of his homies invited us to chill while he did his "1-2" thing, so that we did!.. It was absolutely incredible, I mean there were about seven people in the room & we were two of them. Who can say witness his "warm up/preparation" before the concert. To be totally honest the only reason we were coming out was to support "Fred" for his NYC performance. You gotta understand 30 minutes earlier I was listing to his "Armageddon" mixtape on my iPhone & now I was listening to my favorite joint's in real life ( at a private session) AMAZING!!!..

After he finished doing his thing he came off stage & chopped it up with us for a minute. Off top I have to admit not only was "Fred" super cool, so was his whole team. Don't get it twisted..these cats were Official Bronx Goons!!. However, you already know.."Real Recognize Real!". S/O 2 Fred The Godson & the whole "Block Work" clique.

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