Remembers "The Notorious BIG" - 2011 & Beyond!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today we want to send our Love out to the family of the Notorious BIG. This year makes 14 years since BIG was taken from us, in the physical form at least. What BIG left behind in his short career was more than music. He left behind the type of legacy that many rappers hope to leave behind.

Of course the fact that he died made him more popular. However while he was alive he was the man!. He had the whole coast on his back off the strength of one album . I remember watching BIG win all those awards at the "1995 Source Awards". That shit was in NYC at "MSG". It was like watching Kobe kill the whole league at the "All Star Game" in Los Angeles. It was "BEAUTIFUL"!,.. Those "Death Row" cats were so salty "Suge Knight" dissed "Diddy" on stage.

From the "Good Old Days" to the "Good New Days" BIG's music is still bangin coast to coast we all see & hear BIG if you listen close enough. I still can't even pick one favorite Biggie song!. It's like trying to pick your favorite Jordan of All Time. Salute the one of the greatest rappers of all time, "You Know His Name!".

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