Nike Air Trainer SC 2 - O.G. "Infrared" Retro

Monday, March 21, 2011

Do you notice the changes between the original 1990 version below & the 2011 version above?...Off top the front cap toe is now black leather instead of suede.The collar is different too, it's now black instead of gray. They also removed the black stripes on the side.
The infrared really makes this shoe pop!
CLEAN MANNN!!!!!!...
We can Never forget the man behind the shoes! (Bo Jackson)
The "Sneaker God's" have really been answering my prayers!. On "JULY 18,2009" I posted these shoes in what I called "Bring It Back". Now in 2011 they're on the way back. A lot of the older cats complain that the retros are different than the originals, from the materials to the colorways.

Now I always try to explain to them that nothing that is reproduced will ever be exactly the same as the original. On the other hand when it comes to something like this where you've been waiting for a specific shoe to come back & they obviously switch up the shoe it's kind of disappointing. However I'm gonna scoop these any way! (for the Love of the art). Look for the "Nike Air Trainer SC 2" Infrared to drop this FALL.

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