Nike "SKUNK 2" Dunk SB- "Cheech & Chong" by Todd Bratrud

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The shoes are inspired by "Cheech & Chong's" head wear!...
This is supposed to be the beenie "Cheech" is wearing!
This side has "Chong's" memorable Red bandana!(peep the denim tongue)

We can't forget about the main event, the shoes are made of "tear away" hemp which reveals a "Cannabis" looking suede.
After all the teaser pics we finally have images of this years "4/20" Nike Dunk SB's. The shoes are inspired by the head wear worn by "Cheech & Chong" in their movie "Up In Smoke". These are the latest from the mind of artist "Todd Bratrud" . These shoes have been taking a beating from a lot of blogger's & sneaker heads.

That's the thing about dropping a "Classic!" (He also designed the "2008" Send Help Dunk SB's). When it's time for your next project your gonna be subject to extreme scrutiny. I think the idea behind it is dope , Cheech & Chong are to of Americas biggest "Stoners" from the 1970's. However they are kind of simple compared to last years release.

So if the shoes don't excite you enough, I'm sure the fact that Nike's only releasing "1,000" pair of them might make them a little more enticing. They haven't posted the release date yet but they should be releasing around....... Yeah you got it, "4/20/11" at select Nike SB retailers.

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