Salute The "New" NEW YORK KNICKS!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The KNICKS are relevant again!...
Amare & Carmelo in the club!..
I've been seeing the Knicks get whipped since I was a kid!. However this season (even before the trade) they have been playing with a different spirit. I believe Amare Stoudemire brought that new attitude to the team. Now that we got Carmelo out here they really have been on it. The Knicks are 5-3 (including Wins over Miami-New Orleans- & Atlanta..) with Melo & every game has have a playoff like vibe. They're playing with a sense of emergency that I haven't seen from them since the Ewing era. I can't front it feels good to finally see my city doing their thing. We'll be watching closley.

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