Are "White on White" AF1's Still Relevant?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today I pose the question are "White on White" AF1's still relevant?. Now I'm a "East Coast" brother born & raised in Brooklyn NYC. Throughout the "90's" the AF1 was always the "cool guy" shoe. I remember coppin All White AF1 Lows for $60. By "2000-2001" the All White AF1 was the most official shoe on the streets & they boosted to $90 a pair. What always made them ill was the aura of the cats who wore them. When you saw a dude on the streets rockin a pair of "All White's" you knew he wasn't going to play ball, he's wasn't doing anything accept staying fresh. Plus they went with every outfit in your closet.

To keep it funky the "All Whites" were a hustler's shoe & dudes like Jay-Z helped Nike enormously by endorsing them. If you've ever owned a pair (I bet the farm you have! then you know that after the first day they never have the same "sparkle" again. So when you know someone who's $h!ts is "Sparkling" every time you see them... You know they're spendin some serious ca$h.
Fast forward ten years later to 2011, the AF1 is still standing strong after going through almost three decades of battle (Bespoke /Supreme Soles). Sneakerheads know a white sneaker is necessary as it gets warmer. Now how may people would prefer a "regular" pair of white on whites -vs- these new all white's with the icy bottom?.
Look at this wrinkled patten leather... this will not crease as fast as the normal version. I feel like theirs always a better "all white" option out there. Not to mention the generation is a lot more colorful. The way they think is like, "Why don't I scoop the All White with the Green soles to match with the Lacoste alligator on my polo!".
Everybody has that one family member or friend who never stopped wearing them. Now I ask do YOU still rock "white on white" AF1's? .

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