Exclusive:The Perfect "Bordeaux 7" Hat by "Originals"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

S/O 2 the homie "Kool Kiy"- (Jersey City, Salute!)
Aside from the perfectly matched color scheme the hat features a Graphite "Suede Brim"..

"Originals Logo"
Notice the "Double Entendre"? Some might even see a "Triple Entendre"....It says OG & 92 at the same time. I also see a number "7" on there.
Higher Level..
Next up the "Cardinal 7" hat...Stay Tuned
Now this is how you enter the game!.. Kick down the door like, "I'm here!!!". This is "Originals" snapbacks a new upcoming brand. How many of you are still looking for a hat to match your "Bordeaux 7's"?. Well the waits over, especially if you'll be attending "DXC" this Saturday. These exclusive(Made in the USA) hats will be on sale at DunkXchange NYC.

Make sure you Add "Kool Kiy" on your FaceBook page & Like "Originals (OG)" page. Be 1st in your hood to represent, stay tuned for more info about the availability.

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