Mission Complete!... (Complete Air Jordan 7 OG Collection)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

As some of you may know the Air Jordan #7 is a special shoe to me being that it was my 1st pair of Mike's I ever had (1992 Raptors colorway). However aside from that, the Air Jordan #7 is one of a few collections that I can say every colorway was a "must have". It took almost ten years to complete this collection (9 years to be exact!).

2002- Blk/True Red (Raptors)
2004-Wht/Gold/Navy/True Red (Olympics/Barcelona's)
2006-Wht/Blk/Cardinal Red/Bronze (Cardinals)
2008-Wht/Light Silver/True Red (Hare's/Coutdown Pack)
2011-Blk/Light Graphite/Bordeaux (Bordeaux)


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