I'm Already Home....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

S/O 2 The leaders of the "Lakeshow Enterprise"- Thanks to the MOST WINNING COACH IN SPORTS HISTORY!..(Uncle Phil) for holding us down..
He played in his 13th ASG & was the 2011 All Star Game "MVP"!..(for the 4th time)
Just a reminder... 5 RINGS! (Catch Up Son)- Young Jolo "2010"
NBA All Time Scoring Leaders...Kobe is now #6!. Damn Cuz, I don't even see your Favorite Player in the "Top 10"..
In what many might call a failing season Kobe Bryant managed to accomplish several things. He was named to the "All NBA 1st Team".


Position Player, Team (1st Team Votes) Points
Forward LeBron James, Miami (119) 595
Forward Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City (69) 492
Center Dwight Howard, Orlando (118) 593
Guard Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers (98) 551
Guard Derrick Rose, Chicago (118) 593

He was also named to the "2011 NBA All Defensive Team" (For The 9th Time)

Position Player, Team

Center Dwight Howard, Magic

Guard Rajon Rondo, Celtics

Forward LeBron James, Heat

Kobe Bryant, Lakers

Forward Kevin Garnett, Celtics

He moved up several spots on the NBA "All Time Scorers List" which now puts him at #6 on the list.

I'd be here all week if I named every LAKERS record that he holds. My point is everybody's acting like their happy he's gone but TRUTH be told, "KOBE been gone!" (I'm Already Home)...

I'm in the hall Already,On a wall Already
I'm a work of art,I'm a Warhol Already
On another level on another plane Already
K-O-B-E, I got my own lane Already
I done Won 5 Rings Already
So why the f^ck can't y'all Win 1 Already
Put ya name in a pot Already
Nikkas comparing me to MJ Already
Like I'm gone Already, & I am nikka, I'm Already Home, Already

If y'all can't Already see
I ain't worried bout y'all, Cause I'm Already Me!!!!
Yeah...Do You Already, Enough with the complaining Boo Hoo Already
Eat food Already
Ain't nothing given you gotta claim ya shoes Already!..

Yeah, So in summation
I don't know who you racin
I'm Already at the finish line with the flag wavin...C'Mon!
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