Dallas Defeat "Miami Hype" & Win 2011 NBA Championship!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks!
D Wade you played ya heart out...Salute!
This dude......SMH
When are they gonna start poppin "ROSE"?
Whose fault was it?...LOL
Look at this busta, Crying like a lil b!tch...
Thought it was gonna be a piece of cake huh?..
#LeChoke James 0-2 NBA Finals!..
"The Loss Of The Ring"...
Looks correct to me...
I know Lebum doesn't have any help right?...
Let me guess , "He let Dallas win?"....."The referee's cheated"
Haaaaaaa!!!!! Maybe he will join Dallas in a year or two..SUCKA!

P.S. Neither of these teams will be in the NBA Finals next year!.

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