Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New York Post
This is what yesterdays papers looked like. These are the same writers who said he was gonna win it all!.

All day people have been saying, "The LAKERS got SWEPT by Dallas! Why you happy? You Hating on Lebron sonnnn...".

Allow me to enlighten you as to why I have been cheesing for almost the past 48 hours. The FACT is Lebron always gets compared to Kobe, & it's simply foolish!. People STILL try to say that "Shaq" is the reason for Kobe having 3 of his 5. Then they'll try to credit "Pau Gasol" for the next 2 championships. The funny thing is had Lebron won everybody would have been totally okay with that!. Unbelievable.....

Kobe's been HATED on since he was a 17 year old Rookie...(He's now 32 yrs old). Lebron's been receiving some Heat (pun intended) for his "Decision". It hasn't even been a full calender year under the pressure & he's ready to "CRACK". (Stress got the boy hairline receding like a muh..). I'm just sayin..

Now everybody will see how hard it is to make it back 2 & 3 years in a row like the LAKERS did. Unless they're like Boston & the rest who never make it back the following year. What I'm saying theres a big difference between trying to build a legacy that will be remembered & ADDING ON TO A LEGACY THAT WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED.

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