Hot 97 Summer Jam 2011- And The Winner Is....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Nike Air Max JR Neon Green $160...Available Now!
Killa Cam came through rockin the new Nike Air Max JR's in "Neon Green". He combined them with a perfect Nike tee to match that says ,"I Will Step On You To Win". And that he did!, these were my favorite shoe out of all of the artist selection's. With respect to Fab & DJ Khalid who both wore "exclusive" Air Jordan III's (Not the ones that came out the day before). They both killed the competition knowing that its "Jordan III Season".

However "Cam'ron" said , F^@K "Jordan III Season" B! (Harlem voice). He wore what he liked , which happens to be one of the sickest pairs of kicks that will drop this summer!.


Anonymous said...

i agree with that cause i put my pair on and it be like "what the fuck are those them shit hard" every time i wear them. nice one mello.carol city

mello said...


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