-"KickGame Pose" Contest (The Race To 1 Million)

Friday, July 22, 2011

You might know who that guy (above) is...."BROOKLYN!", This is the "Kickman" pose.. Here are some examples of what were looking for.
Even the West Coast showing Love...-Nipsey Hussle
"It's Showtime!"....-Swizz Beats
All ages are welcome!...-Young Jolo
As part of our upcoming "1 Million Views" celebration we thought it would be dope to have You the "KickGame Viewer's" send in pictures of yourself doing the "KickGame/Kickman" pose. The contest will start from tonight (JULY 22,2011) & run until we reach "1 Million Views". If you have been rocking with us then you already know our contest are official "No BS".

The contest will simply come down to the best picture. So get fresh throw on a sick fit (because "KickGame" is more than just kicks) & a dope pair of kicks & send it in to us. Winner will be selected by the KickGame team.

PRIZE- Will be announced after winner is chosen!..

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You can also send your pictures to

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