Throwback Footage:The Next 48 Hours With Jadakiss - Part 2: Album Release Day (2009)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

(Peep ya boi "KG Mello" around the 6minute/7:30 & / closing the show around 8:48)
" They tried to test my JADA knowledge! I had to let them know, How Real it is...."
APRIL "2009"
S/O 2 viewer "D-Lo" reppin Memphis, Tennessee . He sent me the link to this footage. This is 2 years old & I'm just seeing it. It was a hectic day to say the least but definitely worth it. I went out there to get a drop from Jada but when I got up there Best Buy security was acting like @$$holes! STILL SMH. As you guys should know by now Jadakiss is one of my favorite rappers ever (Hands down Top 5 Dead or Alive) . Lesson learned the next time I meet "The Black Babe Ruth" I'll be extra ready!. It still was a honor & pleasure to meet him & have him autograph his "Rookie Card" for me!. I was happy with that but he was so cool he even autographed the new cd for me too. I can't wait for his next album!.

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