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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Juelz Santana represents Slowbucks all day!..
S/O 2 Slowbucks TV, "Buck" & "Slow" (below L-R) reppin Queens NY but makin moves everywhere!. Slowbucks is more than a tee shirt line. They have created a viral forum for up & coming rappers to post their videos & have it seen by some of their hip hop heavyweight friends. Check it out @

Most of the collection shows Sneaker Heads Love....

"Pocket full of fast-money, shirt say SLOW-BUCKS!" -Juelz Santana '848'


Christian Louboutin "Slowbucks"......

"Can You Dig It?"
Lil Juelz aka "JuJu"
Mobb Deep
Uncle Snoop
Bold Chris Brown, Wacka Flocka & Slow
Taj Gibson (Chicago Bulls) born in BROOKLYN
DJ Clue
Camron & Freaky Zeeky
Wilson Chandler
"What could be next?..."
True Indeed!...
Oh Wee!
If you live in NYC (and been paying attention) I'm sure you've seen one of these tee's before. You gotta respect dudes who are out here on the grind *Legally*.

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