Mayweather Knocks out Ortiz after DIRTY "Headbutt"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ortiz gave Mayweather a "Mexican Raging Bull" headbutt to the face!.. that had to be the equivalent of getting hit with a frying pan in the kisser.
I LOVE JUSTICE!.. Mayweather KO'd dude immediately after.Lesson Learned

43-0.... I know he's 42-0 but I'm already counting the win over Manny "Steriod" Paquiao.
So after he does that to "Pacman" who yall want to see him beat?

Kimbo Slice?
Chuck Norris?

Jean Cluade Van Damme?

Hulk Hogan?
Tony Jaa aka "Ong Bak"

Tony-<span class=

How about "Optimus Prime"?

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie image <span class=


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