Nike Air Force 1 Low John Strickland (Strick) + Jay-z vs Fat Joe in "THE BLACKOUT DVD" *FULL LENGHT*

Monday, September 26, 2011

“I check cheddar like a food inspector, my homie Strick told me dude finish your breakfast.” – Jay-Z, Public Service Announcement
Nike Air Force 1 "Franchise"

Nike Air Force 1 "Franchise"

If you are a fan of street hoops, especially NYC street hoops, you already know who John Strickland aka "Strick" aka "The Franchise" is. If you aren't familiar with the name from hooping you are familiar with Jay-Z's line, "My homie Strick told me dude finish your breakfast". John Strickland is a NYC hoops legend and his untimely passing in 2010 sent rippled through the Basketball community. To pay homage to the fallen legend, Nike is set to release the "Strick" Nike Air Force 1 Low.

Specifically, it features the words, ‘Finish Your Breakfast’ on the tongue, which is a reference to Jay-Z’s lyrics on the Public Service Announcement (Black Album). It also contains the word, ‘Franchise’ on the heel in the form of molded leather. The Nike Air Force 1 Low “Strick” will release at select NSW retailers next month for the one-year anniversary of John Strickland’s passing.
Nike Air Force 1 "Franchise"
R.I.P John "Strick" Strickland

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I know EVERY sneaker blog has pointed out the fact that JAY-Z used John Stricklands famous ("Finish Your Breakfast")line in 2004 on Public Service Announcement. The difference with KG is we really live the culture. Check out this exclusive documentary about the "JAY-Z vs FAT JOE" Rucker Park game. This was where "STRICK" made that line famous (24:24 mark).

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