Happy Born Day: RCH89

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm rockin my "RCH89" snapback hat today!
The homie sent me this package of freshness a few weeks ago!...

This is a Akron Aeros fitted. The color scheme is amazing!.
Today we're sending a big B-Day shout out to our KickGame brother RCH89. Two days ago he also celebrated he "2 Year Anniversary" since he started the site RCH89.COM . RCH89 reminds me of myself in so many different ways. Mainly the fact that he does this "Sneaker Blogging" thing from the heart & it's purely for the Love of the game. When you visit his site you can see it.

Enjoy your weekend homie, keep your kicks clean & your cup full. Let's Goooo!!!.

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Good looking out my dude!! Much love #TeamKickGame4Life!!

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