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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Custom KickGame ('Watch The Throne' edition)sweatshirt by Cottonman
Went through my concert scrapbook & found a couple of passed "Jay-Z" concert stubs. This definitely isn't all of them (3 last year +). If you wanna count Hot 97 Summer Jam's..2001 (Takeover,Summer Jam Screen,Michael Jackson) forget about it!. My point is, "I've done this a few times.." haha.
This is from "Fade To Black", that was a incredible concert. I would say it was my favorite ever however....
This Reasonable Doubt 10th Anniversary concert..Wooooo!!!! Hove rolled onto the Radio City Music Hall stage in a all white 1996 Lexus. The same one from the "Dead Presidents" video. Crazy!.
So back to last week Monday (November 7,2011) Jay-Z & Kanye's "Watch The Throne Tour" made a stop at NYC's Madison Square Garden. I was in the building to witness the two hip hop legends make history.
I know theirs a lot of people who have tickets for upcoming shows, so you should probably scroll passed this part...
The concert starts off with that mysterious sound that's between each song on the album, then the first song of the night drops.. "It was all good just a week ago!".... 'H-A-M'.. "Kickin b!tches out like PAM n!g^A!!!!" lol. Two stages "Jay & Ye" just spittin their verses back & fourth...The crow goes Crazy!.

Then Jay went into his set. I've never seen Jay-Z rock out with the lasers like this before. That brother got hits!. He performed classics like "Where I'm From" to newer joints like "On To The Next One".
I've seen Kanye perform at "Summer Jam 2006". However I've never been to a official Knaye concert before. Lemme tell you something, if you fux with Yeezy & you haven't gotten a chance to see him perform, "DO IT!!". Passionate/Energetic performance by Mr West for the NYC audience.

No extra hype but those "Nike Air Yeezy 2's" had the "Bruce Leroy" glow all night.

Kanye's catalogue isn't anything to sleep on either. The brother got a list of hits (Power/Can't Tell Me Nothing/Flashing Lights/Good Life/Runaway,etc..). When they did "Monster" it-was-noodles!.
Jay-Z & Kanye style in "Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011 Collection"

Kanye wore a wool bomber rottweiler print jacket ($3,000+)

Jay went with a Givenchy double layer leather jersey hoodie ($1,995)

Jigga Man rocked a pair of the og colored Air Jordan 1's.

Stupendous show,you can say they performed 85% of the new album (WTT).Once again Jay-Z shows that he still has his hand on the pulse of hip hop. With his effortless performance. Kanye was intense & dramatic (especially on 'New Day'). They did 'N!ggaz In Paris' like 4 times!...." That $h!t CRAY!!".

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