Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fab rockin GREATNESS!
CP3 in L.A. mashin'!
Angela Simmons in the Concords!
J. Cole in the most official!
D. Wade got 'em....don't know 'bout the other guy..LOL!
Breezy stay wit the FRESHNESS!
Damn! We wondered where all the Concords went since they sold out so fast. Now we know Plies got 'em! Yo, sun bought out the WHOLE FootLocker down in Miami!! Now thats how you do dat! From Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between,the buzz is still on the Jordan 11 Concords. From the release date until now, we catch a few celebs thats out there rockin their Concords. More to come on the hottest release (IMO) of 2011. Salute to every head that got a pair! Cali "O"

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