Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Staples Center was crazy yesterday! I got invited to check out the Clippers vs. Raptors in the V.I.P Suite (where the classic painting of Jordan's "Last Shot" was taken.) Before I went in to the game, I decided to check my people at Nike Vault, which is attached to Staples. From the outside walking over from Nokia Live, you can see how the Vault is promoting its star player with the new Kobe System.
We took a look inside, and they changed the entire layout of the store. I noticed they've been changing the theme everytime number 24 puts out a new pair of kicks.

For the Kobe VII's, the theme is taken from the Museum of Natural History. As you walk in, it has a museum-like feel to it, with sketches of the Kobe VII next to a particular animal that it was patterned after. The Shark and Cheetah theme were especially highlighted, with both animals on big display being made from Kobe VII Supreme shoe boxes! Straight bananas!

The Vault is also stepping up a nother level. You can now make an appointment to go inside the V.I.P room to customize your Kobe gear, including Destroyer Jackets and Kobe I.D.'s This is similar to BeSpoke in NYC, but on a much grander scale! Custom Kobe Tees can be made on the spot. More pics to come later from inside Staples Center's V.I.P. Suite!! Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #InDaStreets #Coast2Coast

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