Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I was talkin' to my brother Mello, he said, "We gotta restore order! This Foamposite game is gettin' outta hand!!" I truly believe that as well. When the old guys on the block that don't even understand the importance of the Foams, wearing them the wrong way, it loses the value. Wit that said, Nike is planning a release on March 17th for the "Electrolime" Foams.
Personally, I can't get excitied about these. With the upcoming release for the "Galaxy" joints (which are already going for $1,200 on OSneaker.com) that has everybody ready to push the button, these Foams don't do it for me. After the officialness of the exclusive colorways we've seen, the Electrolime joints seem like Nike is reaching. Just my opinion. Keepin' it 100! #TeamKickGame #Streets

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