Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tearin' it down wit the orchestra!
Queen B's first night out in public in a minute!!
Hov backstage wit nephew!!
The set list was crazy...U already!!
Brooklyn's Big Homie took center stage at the prestigious Carnegie Hall to a sold out crowd, benefiting the Shawn Carter Foundation and United Way. The first night, ticket prices were upwards of $2000 a seat, but it was for a good cause. Now, lets get to the show!
Hov started the night of wit "Thank You", off the BP3 Album. He even invited Nas on stage to join him, killing "NY State of Mind" before going into "Empire State of Mind" wit Alicia Keys! Crazy! Hov went into "Glory" before finishing wit "Encore" off the Black Album.
Hov is only the second M.C. to rip down Carnegie. Wyclef did a benefit show in 2001 at Carnegie Hall. "Please don't confuse me wit dawg/ I'm diffferent!" Ha! Cali "O"#TeamKickGame #HoodToHollywood

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