Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jordan Brand is hard at work putting together a nice array of kicks in honor of the "Almighty 7's", which starts off with the Olympic 7's droppin' this Saturday. The "20th Anniversary" Edition joints are in two colorways, Obsidian and a new color, "Filbert".  Both sneakers are designed with triangle patches, to commemorate the "Triangle" game Jordan made famous for Phil Jackson. 
The kicks are oulined in the areas that would normally be leather outlining the top and side panels of the sneakers. The two tone 7's are definitely something different, but not the first for a Jordan design. We first saw the "Triangle Patch" on the Jordan Fusion/ Air Force 1 Collabo from 2009. It's a great look for the creative minds at Jordan Brand, and new President Larry Miller is wasting no time gettin' things jumping! The "20th Anniversary" joints drop on August 4th, with a limited edition price tag of $175.   Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ItsGoTime

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