Monday, July 30, 2012

When they said it's gonna be a hot WINTER, I had no idea!! It's about to be crazy out here! Nike is turnin it up on high with the release of the Penny V's in November and December. Right on time for the holiday shoppers, the Penny V's will release in the "Orlando Magic" colorway first, around Black Friday. The "Phoenix Suns" colorway will follow, droppin' in December.
These kicks take a page from the LeBron 9's, with the breathable mesh on the toe and side panels. What makes this a ill sneaker is the presentation of the Nike Air Bubble. The gradient trim that wraps around the Air Bubble and the sole also gives these kicks a nice finishing touch. Stay right here and keep it locked, you're watching KICKGAME DVD!! LIVE!  Cali "O"

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