Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's crazy. The story. 20 years ago seems like yesterday. Tinker Hatfield designed these Jordans different from its predecessors. This was the first Jordan sneaker that did not have the "Nike Air" logo on the outside of the shoe. The execs at Nike were not happy about this, but Tinker was so confident the "Jumpman" could stand on its own. And that it did.
1992. June to be exact, when Jordan stepped on to the court wit these, except the number on the back correlated with his jersey number for the Olympics, number 9. A perfect shoe, combined with Jordan's perfect game, 20 years in the making. Every sneaker head should own a pair of these. Just because of what it stands for. This Saturday, July 21st, the Barcelona 7's are reborn. This time, with a new meaning. Let the games begin.    Cali "O"  #TeamKickGame #ThoughtItoldUthatWeDontStop

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