Thursday, July 26, 2012

These kicks right here are one of my favorite Jordans, and I'll tell you why. The first time I laid eyes on these were on the cover of KICKS magazine with Kevin Garnett on the cover. When they previewed the 15's, the city (NYC that is) went crazy! When they dropped, it was amazing. To see what Tinker had done with these, to create something special with a tongue like no other sneaker. Tinker had, in fact, done it again.
The inspiration of these kicks comes from Tinker's fascination with military fighter jets. He showed similar inspiration with the Jordan V's. Except, this time around, it was very different. The woven Kevlar fiber on the outside of the shoe, trimmed with a nice layer of premium leather that wrapped around the front panel. The red strip that ran down the back of the shoe to the sole, filled in with Jordan's greatest awards. Then there's the tongue, which when you looked down at it, the Jumpman was facing you, and your jeans or sweats rested nicely to expose the GREATNESS on your feet.
The 15's had a few colorways, including the hard-to-get Cool Grey's, which I have in my collection. When these dropped in 1999, at $150, Tinker had to know he changed the game. The first sneaker after  Jordan had retired for a second time, the 15's were an honor to a LEGEND. The hidden laces, and inner sock booty that Tinker created from his infamous Huaraches, the 15's are a legendary throwback to Top-Shelf kicks. Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ThrowbackThursdays

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