Thursday, August 2, 2012

When you talk about kicks that leave an imprint on the game, the M.F. Doom SB Dunks are definitely in the conversation. Probably one of the 3 greatest SB Dunks every released, one would think the M.F. Doom persona was that of a fictional character. Not at all.
M.F. Doom is a rapper from Long Island, New York. He was in a group called KMD that was featured on 3rd Bass' "The Cactus Album". After Doom's brother, DJ SubRoc, was killed when a car hit him on a Long Island Expressway, Doom began hitting shows with a stocking cap, then a mask to protect his identity. M.F. Doom's mask is so famous, it started taking on a life of its own.
His notoriety grew, landing him in comics, and gaining a wider audience. Nike got wind of his following, and in 2007, they released his signature sneakers.
Made with Black and Grey Nubuck suede, Grey leather, and 3M piping that outlined the entire upper panel. Red laces on top of a silver tongue with the M.F. mask on the tab completes this iconic sneaker. The insole and bottom soles featured artwork from M.F. Doom himself, and what became the artwork for his "Mmm..Good" album cover. His music has gained legions of fans around the world. His kicks will forever hold a place among the elite group of sneakerheads.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame  #MFDoomJoints

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