Monday, September 10, 2012

The Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon is probably one of the most intriguing and exciting places for anyone who loves Nike sneakers. To walk around, feeling the aura of  legends like Tiger Woods, Nolan Ryan, and of course, Michael Jordan. To see Mike's original Nike contract and sneakers directly from "His Airness" personal collection,  encased from the 80's,  is pure nostalgia. 
The campus itself looks like a futuristic set from Universal Studios than a sneaker Empire. Lots of water, lots of trees and grass. A football field, a lake. Buildings named after your favorite sports icons. Most of all, it is the feeling of belonging. You know, that feeling like, "I belong here.' From the main lobby, to CEO Mark Parker's office, this campus is every true sneakerhead's  "blueprint to Sneaker Heaven". 
Any college kid could only wish his school campus was this cool. Equipped with a cafeteria that names sandwiches after famous players. You can go to Bo Jackson's gym for a pick-up game, or visit every part of the campus you can. The only comparison would have to be a kid walking through Disneyland for the first time.  It is the quotes scattered throughout, like the one above by co-founder and pillar of Nike, Phil Knight. You begin to realize it is that same confidence that has propelled Nike into a different stratosphere. I need to holla at my bro D. Kenney. It's time to make some plans for my next trip to Portland! See you soon!  Cali "O"  #TeamKickGame #TheEmpireStrikesBack

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