Tuesday, October 2, 2012

     KickGame CEO Mello & D the Barber (the most OFFICIAL!)
                 On that Brooklyn S#!T!!
        The Brooklyn Nets Jay-Z Jersey hittin' for $300! (PRICELESS)
                   "I do it for the borough, tho." -B.I.G

                               The "God M.C." goes in for Brooklyn!
                                        "Love is Love." True G.
                .....And the very next morning, Hova had the HEADLINES! Yes, Jay-Z has done what no rapper, or anybody from the HOOD for that matter. Jay-Z helped to bring the Nets to Brooklyn, opened up a 40/40 Lounge inside the Barclays Center, designed the high-end Skyboxes, and made a Grand Opening that goes down in the history books. 
The two hometown newspapers both put Jay on the cover, giving his performance rave reviews! But it is the fact that we were in the building. I gotta give big shout to the most OFFICIAL, D the Barber! D looked out in a major way. Gotta SALUTE a true G. Being in the brand new Barclays Center in Brooklyn with the Hometown Hero, on stage knockin' down hit after hit! It's crazy, because the next mornin' it felt like a DREAM! Then I looked at my ticket, and said, "We bout to do it again!!" It's GREAT to from the place that birthed the GREATEST.  Mello #TeamKickGame #BigAtBarclays #Xclusiv #DtheBarber #MostOfficial #100

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