Thursday, October 4, 2012

              Pharell and Jay backstage
         Big Daddy Kane, who ripped it down on opening night!
        DJ Clue

       Young Guru and J. Cole backstage chillin'
 Bruce Ratner, who developed the Barclays Center, throwin' up the ROC!
  Lil' Cease, Giants Receiver Victor Cruz, and Memph Bleek
                         Victor threw on his Jordan VI's!!

                       You know the Queen of New York was in the building!
                             Irv Gotti in "Black Cement" III's!
                                Mr. "106"!
                            Dave Chapelle was FOUND in the 40/40 Lounge in Barclays Center!

Jay-Z had quite a few special guests in attendance, some even came for two shows! Alot of his guests were people that have been rockin' with him from the beginning. Pharell, Big Daddy Kane, Clue, Lil' Cease, Angie Martinez, and Young Guru just to name a few that have been there for Hov, holdin' it down. 
Everybody had a great time, as the new Hova-endorsed D'Usse liquor flowed freely. Victor Cruz came thru rockin' a pair of Jordan VI's, while Irv Gotti came in a pair of the "Black Cements". Young Guru had on a pair of Hi-Top Dunks, while Lil' Cease kept it old school in a pair of Converse. Can you believe Dave Chapelle showed up? The Comedy legend was spotted in the 40/40 Lounge chillin'. Thats wus up.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #BarclaysCenter #AllWeek

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