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Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's Good ladies & gentlemen?... I mean like.. "What's really goodie G'zz??" Haha. I hope everybody out there is enjoying the new year & sticking to those "New Year Resolution's".

Much love & respect to everyone who's been hittin me up w questions, comments or feedback.
-The #1 question is simply "Mello what's good with the site? Why U ain't posting like you used to?..".

I'm not one to make excuses so I'll Simply say "I apologize for not supplying y'all with enough brain food.". My life is a movie on a time schedule! Lol. You know that phrase "Time is Money"?. I'm constantly chasing chicken as we say in Brooklyn.

My family's doing great & my two boys are growing fast & they require a lot of attention. Madden will be 2 yrs old at the end of the month, & Jolo will be 9 in July. New year means new shit expect to see a few new faces over here at KickGame. But as always we will be keeping in 110% NYC concrete. That means "Tuff/Raw/Real" you know what we do!.

Peace & Love,

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