Monday, March 11, 2013

I didn't realize how catchy that Drake song is. And how befitting to use that saying when it comes to our Lakers! The Black Mamba's squad started this season with a poor record, headaches with the coaching staff, the loss of Jerry Buss, and new teammates trying to fit in to the grand scheme. I can't front, it looked like Dwight didn't want to be in L.A., playing horrible basketball. But when you "start from the bottom" and build it up, and Kobe as your leader, "now we here" in that Playoff position!!
Lets face it, the Bulls are struggling without Derrick Rose, but they put up a descent fight. It wasn't enough for the Lakers, who have been on a tier these last 6 games. Kobe looks like he did back in 2000, with dazzling dunks, and sick alley-oops. Steve Nash found his nitch in the Laker offense, and Dwight Howard looks like he might be ready to put that cape on again. 
Lakers moved comfortably into that 8th spot, and climbing. There's still another month and a half left before the Playoffs kick in. By then, the Lakers should be in 6th place, at least. 
We'll see what happens, but for now, we'll take that slot! Feel me!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #GunninForThatNumberOneSpot

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