Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's crazy, because from 1986, you started hearing the name Big Daddy Kane. Antonio Hardy became the "Mayor of Brooklyn" during the 1980's, when we first heard him on "Raw". That introduced us to Kane, but "Raw" had a B-side single with Biz Markie called, "Just Rhymin' Wit Biz". This was the street Anthem in 1987, taking over the airwaves of New York City. When the album "Long Live The Kane" dropped, it changed the way we listened to Hip-Hop. Big Daddy Kane had metaphors, flow, ill hooks, and a message. 
Early on, Kane put on a young Jay-Z around 1989 when "Big Daddy Thing" dropped. Who would've known that would be the changing of the guard? Kane is still respected because he was humble enough to pass the torch, which allowed Jay-Z to take his spot on the Throne. If you never heard Kane's first three albums, and you love Hip-Hop, you need to listen to it, so you can understand the dynamics of how this culture came to be.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ThrowbackThursday #HipHopHistory

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