Friday, April 19, 2013

Alot of sneakerheads wonder how their favorite artists are able to cop some of the hottest releases months in advance. Artists like Fabolous, execs like Pecas, and athletes like Victor Cruz. Enter Dawn "Dawnie B." Baxter, who is the creative liason between Nike and the entertainment industry. In fact, Dawnie is the Entertainment Marketing Executive at Nike. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Dawn also books the talent for Nike advertisements and events. She is truly a class act.
We salute Dawnie B. for her tireless work ethic, and for being a catalyst that brought Hip-Hop and our favorite brand even closer. She is respected among her peers in the entertainment and sports industry, and she worked hard to get it. It is extremely hard for an African American woman to get respected in a male dominated industry, but Dawnie B. worked hard to prove she knew how to merge the best of both worlds. We acknowledge Dawnie for her accomplishments, and shaping Nike into a global trend that is loved by artists,athletes, and sneakerheads, embraced around the world.
So, the next time you see your favorite artist in a fresh pair of Nike's, whether it be Jordans or a clean pair of Air Force 1's, Dunks, or Air Max, you know Dawnie B. is behind the scenes taking care of business, turning the corporate world on its ear. Salute.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #DawnieB #SheGetsItDone

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