Sunday, April 28, 2013

The LeBron X's are dropping with such consistency, it's hard not to notice the original colorways that been hittin' worldwide. Next Saturday, May 4th, Nike will unveil the "Pure Platinum" X's. The color patterns on these sneakers are just different, using a few ideas from great kicks before its time. While the "Pure Platinum" joints are reminiscent, at first glance, to a "South Beach" rendition, these electric, fingerprint-wave graphed in a color-coded format is just the beginning of the sickness put into the artwork. 
The light Turquoise/Baby Blue combo works well together, bringing out the pink/Infrared/Orange colors to the forefront. So far, we've seen some ill colors on the X's, and that's this year alone. The "Corks", the All-Star X's, and the BHM X's all hold a place on the Top-Shelf with these "Pure Platinum" kicks. I can see a campout comin for these!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #PurePlatinum

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