Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sir Charles was one of the most dominant Forwards to ever play in the NBA, hands down. When it came to defense, and putting up numbers on the board when it counted, Barkley was the "Go-To" guy. Barkley garnered many honors this year, turning 50, and his celebrated career as an NBA Legend. 
Nike also recognizes Sir Charles and his accomplishments, since he was also endorsed by Nike during his time as an athlete. To commemorate that milestone, Nike released the Barkley Posite Max, which first hit the streets during the 2013 All-Star Weekend and "Area 72" campaign. We've seen some incredible colorways, and now we bring it to Philly! The 76ers is where Barkley started, and Nike laced him with a nice Philly colorway. 
These Barkley Posite Max joints drop on 4/20, which used to be a holiday sewn up by sometime Nike designer Todd Bratrud. We thought we would see something special from him for the 4/20 holiday, but it looks like Sir Charles will make up for that. The Barkley Posite Max drop for $235.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #JustBecause

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