Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Christopher Wallace, the "Notorious BIG", would be 41 years old today. Hard to believe he didn't make it to see 25 years old. Biggie was 2 months shy of seeing 25, but in actuality, the Brooklyn Don saw it and did it all. See, when Biggie was alive, the Twin Towers were still standing. Larry Johnson still played for the Knicks. When Biggie was alive, Hip-Hop was at its finest. When Biggie died, everything changed.
We remember everything Biggie did for New York City, and for the great borough of Brooklyn. I stop and think, "what would Biggie be doing right now in the game?" I can tell you, him and Hova would be doing great business together, tearing down the walls of the Barclays Center every time they got a chance. Selling out tours. Gettin' money like Brooklyn knows how. 
I miss going to the clubs, especially Bentley's or Esso's, where B.I.G would have the chicks lined up nice, waiting for an opportunity to service him and the team. In Bentley's the chicks would follow Biggie to the bathroom, and wait! (The rest is history!)
The last time I saw Biggie, where we got to chill, was at a session for my dude R.A. The Rugged Man. It was out on Long Island at Rockin' Reel Studios, and Mark "ByStorm" Pitts came with him. I never laughed so much. We ordered a few Pizzas, and Biggie took half of one pizza pie and folded that shit in half and took it down! We was cryin'!! Just a good dude, who had alot of talent that the world never got to witness his full potential. 
We miss you B.I.G., and you will always be a LEGEND whose stories will NEVER DIE. SALUTE. R.I.P.  Cali "O" and Mello  #TeamKickGame #BrooklynFinest

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