Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kendrick Lamar is a different type of rapper. It was back in 2010, when Kendrick first hit the national spotlight, and he took off like a G5. He dropped an amazing album, "Good Kid, M.A.A.D City", that's being played worldwide. This kid from Compton, who can list songs with everyone from Lady Gaga to Jay-Z, also has a different style of dress. As part of a crew called the "Black Hippies", Kendick's style is unique, finishing off his garments with a fresh pair of Jordans.
Kendrick said while growing up in Compton, California, Jordans were those sneakers that meant something in the hood. It signifies a time period. And with the retro versions re-releasing, he couldn't pass them up.
We've seen Kendrick rocking the "Black Cement" III's, the IV's, and the "Bred" 1's. I have to agree with the "Black Cement" III's, which are comfortable and you can rock those with anything. Same goes for the "Bred" 1's, when it comes to comfort and style. Salute to Kendrick for bringing his own style to both music, and fashion. That remix to "B!tch Don't Kill My Vibe" with Hova is incredible.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ImOnOne #DontKillMyVibe

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