Wednesday, May 22, 2013

As pictures circulate showcasing the LeBron XI's in its "beginning stages", I received some ill flicks from my bro D. Kenney. He did a nice I.D. version of the LeBron X's in a custom colorway. Nike released a Volt colorway of the X's, but D. Kenney's version gives these kicks a different twist. The Royal Blue on the inside panel gives the sneakers an original identity, and compliments the brightness of the Volt itself. However, the plot thickens! In a bold move, D. Kenney added some flare with the "Pink Flash" colorway in the Swoosh and the laces, which accentuates these kicks.
But it doesn't stop there! The Royal Blue comes back at the midsole, decorated with signature splashes. 
The Black lining separates the midsole from the main sole, which is finished with what appears to be a "Glow-In-The-Dark" bottom. Shout to D. Kenney for gettin' that "1 of 1", and personalizing his LeBron X's with a nice touch. D is a true OG sneakerhead with alot of classics in his arsenal, so when he has time we have to sit down with him and get the complete saga behind his Kick Game! When you take it to that Top-Shelf and personalize your kicks, with the I.D.'s or Bespoke, everybody knows you take it serious. It's not just about the kicks, it's the lifestyle behind it! Salute.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #LeBronXs #IDs #CustomJoints

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