Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LeBron James picked up his 4th MVP Trophy on Sunday, putting him in the elite company of Jordan, Chamberlain, and Russell. Nike celebrated the Miami Heat Forward with another MVP sneaker. The "MVP" X's are more of a "What The LeBron" in my opinion, than what we've seen in his MVP series.
The "MVP" X's take a page from so many different sagas, its hard to take it all in. In retrospect, it's a book, with pages taken from his All-Star shoe, the Black History Month joints, the Miami Dolphin colorway, and a camo print all put together in one pair of kicks. I guess you can call it a Gumbo-wrapped sneaker. These are just too busy for my taste. If I were going down to Trinidad for Carnival, these might work. 
Congrats to LeBron on getting the MVP this year tho. He put up some serious numbers. UPDATE: Chicago beats Miami in Game 1, 91-86.   Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #WhatTheLebron #IfYouAskMe

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