Friday, May 24, 2013

Marc showcasing the mold for the Zoom Rookie LWP
Marc's in-box sketch of the Barkley Posite Max to a fan!
Dolce's tribute to Barkley's "Timeline of Greatness"
The "Area 72" Alien comes down for a flick with his creator!
The finished product!
Marc in his "zone" for the Penny line!
The Lunar Force 1's!!

Young Genius. Brooklyn, New York.
The Future. Barkley Posite Max.
Marc Dolce has the "Eye of The Tiger". I think it all starts from his roots, which come from Brooklyn. Marc went to school at Pratt for industrial designing. His passion for sneakers ran deep, so he interned for a footwear company when he was 19, joining Nike a few years later. Dolce is only 37 years old, but his contribution to the sneaker culture has been tremendous. In the past few years alone, Dolce and his team gave us the Penny "1/2 Cent", the Penny Zoom Rookie LWP, and fast forward to2013, the Barkley Posite Max. 
Marc is responsible for breathing new life into Penny Hardaway's signature line. Although it was Eric Avar who first introduced us to the Foamposite One, it was Marc Dolce who transformed Penny's line, which is being showcased and embraced by a new generation. A generation that didn't get to see him play, but understands what he meant to the game of basketball. It is this same understanding that allows them to see what Penny's kicks mean to our culture, this very day.
Marc's vision brings a futuristic feel to every design he's created. You can't use the word "fusion" when describing a body of work by Marc Dolce. I remember back in 2009, when my brother Mello hit me up, excited about the Penny "1/2 Cent" in the OG Orlando colorway. It was a glimpse into the mind of a masterful thinker who channeled his own direction with the creation of the "1/2 Cent".  When thinking creatively about how to blend three of the first sneakers that Penny wore in his inaugural season, Marc went down to Florida to politic with Penny himself. A few days of Florida sun, and a sharp pencil and paper, spawned the creation of the Zoom Rookie LWP. 
Marc was still on to something. His critical thinking and creativity would take him even further. Marc Dolce transformed what is called Nike's signature basketball sneakers, the coveted Air Force 1. Celebrating 30 years and 1,500 different styles and colorways since its birth in 1982, Marc was given the task to bring this iconic shoe into the future. And that he did. His creation? The Lunar Force 1.
The Lunar Force 1 is a tandem of fine design meeting maximum comfort. His creation is once again embraced, and expanded to include the Lunar Technology into Cole Haan shoes. Marc wanted to design cars, but his love for kicks and passion for designing them has taken our culture into the next stratosphere. We salute Marc Dolce for his vision, his accomplishments, and being our brother from Brooklyn who took us to the top!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #MarcDolce #LegendInTheMaking #BossStatus

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