Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yesterday, it went down! The House of Hoops Grand Opening was OFFICIAL, and we were in the building for all the festivities. Me and "Jolo" both wore the AF1's with the Lunar Technology, and part of that "Area 72" Collection. Alot of Brooklyn legends came out for the event as well, including former Knicks and brothers Bernard King and Albert King. Brooklyn Nets Guard Deron Williams was on the panel, as Miss Info hosted the event. 
However, it was the MOMENT that I was waiting for, and it happened. Making his way through the crowd, coming towards me, Brooklyn's own Spike Lee comes close, stops and looks at Jo, and says, "You gotta get him a Knicks Hat!" I said "Spike he loves his borough!" Spike laughed, and he put his arm around Jo for this classic flick above.
For Jolo to be standing next to Spike, who did influential movies like "Malcolm X", Do The Right Thing", and "Jungle Fever", the man who helped propel Air Jordan sneakers with his alter-ego "Mars Blackmon", and who also has a line with Jordan Brand and a few limited editions as well, Spike Lee is a Brooklyn icon who told the story of "Black struggle" through great films, and even greater dialogue. Growing up, I know what Spike's movies did for me, the emotions I felt after watching one of his films, like "Malcolm X". Spike is inspiration for alot of kids in Brooklyn, and I was one of them. Now, the next generation, like Jolo gets to be a part of that. A great day for Brooklyn, indeed.  Mello and Cali "O"  #TeamKickGame #ItsABrooklynThing

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