Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let us get straight to the facts. Dwight Howard coming to the Lakers sounded like a good move in the very beginning. Once he arrived, his character told the story of a 6'11 kid that came to Los Angeles just for the money. If Coward, I meant Howard, was dedicated to the franchise, the contract would've been longer than 12 months. Then came the complaining and whining, guessing he thought he should have the crown in L.A. Well, he was wrong Sun. The crown in the West belongs to Kobe. 
Then came the injuries, which sidelined the 6'11 first grader until January, when he returned to play the Magic. Let's face it, Dwight Coward is a diva. All he needs is a wig. We all don't like D'Antoni, but when you're getting paid millions to play on the greatest team, you play ball. I see why they don't want to let High Schoolers come straight to the NBA anymore, because of suckers like Dwight Coward and Andrew Bynum. 
Now, we can put the drama behind us. Let the bum go to Houston. Good luck there, you're gonna need it. Stop smiling all the time, and learn how to speak with some authority. Superman? They called Dwight Superman? C'Mon Son!! He couldn't even walk in Shaq's slippers, let alone his shoes. Shaq will always be Superman, Dwight is a cut-out poster.
*The views expressed in this post are the writer's own, and does not necessarily represent KickGame DVD.* Hahaaa!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #Yep #ISaidIt #100

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