Friday, July 5, 2013

Jolo hit his 9th stride yesterday, and the Brooklyn boy is growing into a young man. If you ever get the opportunity to be around him, his conversation is different. Jolo speaks with a confidence not found in many kids his age. He understands the importance of his education, and what it means to be on a path towards GREATNESS. Whatever he needs as far as his education, we supply it for him, knowing those tools will assist him achieve his goals.
You may see and feel his swag, which is always turnt up, because he works hard and earns everything he receives. When you have a child this special, as a parent, you never want to let him down. I love my children, and it is a blessing watching them grow. 
With that said, you see the KD VI's on his feet, Elite socks to match! Shout to my oldest, Jolo! Believe me when I tell you, this kid is a ROCKSTAR!!  Mello #TeamKickGame #RiseToTheTop

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