What's Goodie G'zz?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

    Peace world.. First thing I wanna say is  "Thank You" for checkin in with the homies @ KickGameDVD.com . Second I wanna shout out my big bro (literally) "Cali O" for holding things down. 

   I've been great! As you can see I'm still reporting to you live from these NYC streets. This little back entrance looked so gritty I had to take a flick!. They're rapidly  trying to turn Brooklyn into Soho.

   "The Sneaker Game".... Wow! I've seen  it go through many changes but right now it's at a all time high, as far as EVERYBODY claiming to be "about that life!. Jordan's drop every single Saturday & Foamposites now come with pictures on them. Yes my friends the game has changed. 

     Always remember, forget what the blogs & magazines say about the shoes. Your the master if your domain. "Buy what you like!". Also a lot of people don't realize the different between "limited" & "exclusive". Just because a shoe is "limited edition" doesn't make it  exclusive.


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